We understand that Capitalism, and the social relations it is based on, are on track to irreparably damage our planet and cause human suffering on a massive scale. 

The Socialist Economy Incubation Zone is a member-based democratic organization and network. Our goal is to advance the work of replacing capitalism with an economic system that affirms the web of life and upholds human dignity and freedom within it. In short, we’re working to build the capacity for a socialist economy.

In broad terms, replacing capitalism with a socialist economy means:

  • building a culture of economic cooperation and sustainable practices,
  • actively restructuring and decolonizing our institutions, trade, and businesses at every level.
  • moving from relationships of exploitation to relationships of solidarity,

Ok, but how is SEIZE proposing to do that?

Our activities include three main tracks.


Our education work starts with our eight-week curriculum, which introduces the basic ideas of the socialist/solidarity economy organizing, and gives participants the opportunity to begin enacting it in their lives and relations, from a number of positions: as worker-owners, institutional actors, public and private sector workers, tenants, activists or even as consumers.

We also organize speaking events and conferences, always with the aim of building the web of relationships and knowledge that will become the basis for a new economy.


SEIZE facilitates material support and training for new cooperative businesses in strategic sectors. Our focus at the moment is on food and forestry. Our belief is that cooperative businesses can play a strategic catalyzing role in transforming the social and ecological relationships in every sector of the economy.   Our approach includes the  participation of  workers (and their unions), Indigenous nations, consumers, and other strategic allies.

We are also involved with an ongoing effort to establish a cooperative incubator – which would be the first of its kind in Canada – at Concordia University. Concordia students have been leaders in cooperative development, establishing cooperatives and nonprofits that provide housing to hundreds and food  to thousands of students. This culture of mobilization and collaboration plays a key role in the momentum that is building around a new generation of cooperative entrepreneurs. 


We believe that transforming the economy will require coordinated action by people in a variety of strategic positions. That’s where building the coordinating function of SEIZE and other democratic organizations becomes key. All of our activities aim to strengthen the web of relationships and deepen the communities of practice that will drive the transformations that are now existentially necessary.

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