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We, students at Concordia University, demand the right to vote on the SEIZE ballot question, which was properly submitted with more than 900 signatures and unanimously approved by the CSU policy committee.

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On Feb. 20 students were denied the opportunity to take a bold step toward a new economy.

The Concordia Student Union voted against a unanimous recommendation from its own policy committee, denying students the chance to vote in a referendum to create a new solidarity economy incubator (SEIZE) on campus.

In doing so the CSU councillors violated their mandate and responsibilities:

  • By contradicting a referendum in which over 80% of students voted to support the creation of solidarity economy initiatives
  • By voting in contradiction to their own policies, which set clear guidelines for fee levy referenda

We’re asking everyone to stand up for a new economy. Sign to send a message to the CSU:

#WeExpectAVote #StandUpForANewEconomy


Students were denied the chance to vote on creating a new incubator with a mandate to support the creation of cooperative businesses that create good jobs while improving food, housing and the economic system as a whole.

Find out more about SEIZE here.

About the economy

Our economic system is running amok. Two billionaires in Toronto own the same amount of wealth as the poorest 10 million Canadians. Corporate elites pursue climate chaos with abandon instead of leading the transition to a green economy.

The evidence shows that co-ops last longer, provide more stable employment, redistribute wealth to their communities, and tend to have a smaller ecological footprint than traditional investor-controlled businesses.

Cooperatives play a major role in the economy already, from neighbourhood businesses to multi-billion-dollar enterprises. SEIZE aims to expand the cooperative movement by supporting students and community members to create new cooperatives in strategic areas, creating good jobs and meaningful work in the process.

We believe that to transition away from an economic system that creates profound inequality and environmental catastrophes, we must create a new economy.

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